Connected, smart, and natural filtration

What is it?

Ecological Filtration

First of all, BIOPOOLSAFE was specifically designed to ensure smart biofiltration and to make swimming pools green. Coupled with a neutral disinfection system, it ensures crystal clear water. Furthermore, this system is water and electricity efficient. The water is driven by a high performance pump, and goes through a structure of stationary filtration beads, which ensures the natural filtration of your swimming pool. The water’s sterilization is made certain by high concentration C-type UVs.

Relaxing Pools

Secondly, BIOPOOLSAFE reconciles dream and reality. No more stress, no more chemistry to sterilize water, no more PH to manage. Very low water and electricity requirements, and consequently a massive reduction in user costs. An online application and services to offer you pleasure and stay relaxed. Your pool is under control, autonomous and informs you.

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Efficient Swimming Pools

BIOPOOLTECH’s BioPoolSafe filtration was designed to be efficient, and will save you a lot of money. Let’s see how.

Water Consumption

Thanks to BIOPOOLSAFE, water consumption is lessened by 50 %. *

Electricity consumption

Thanks to BIOPOOLSAFE, electricity consumption is lessened by 90 %. *


Thanks to BIOPOOLSAFE, maintenance costs are lessened by 75 %. *

* Under the right technical circumstances

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Smart Filtration

After smart cities and connected homes, our teams have designed BIOPOOLSAFE, the first intelligent and connected biological pool. You can control your private or public biological and natural swimming pool remotely, via the cloud with your smartphone or voice. BioPoolSafe Cloud Filter is the first solution to control and manage your swimming pools in a stable and environmentally friendly way simply thanks to the dashboard interface of the smartphone application and voice commands.

Innovative Features

Many innovative features are available with your BIOPOOLSAFE filtration, such as self-cleaning of the filter, smart thermoregulation, different behavior depending on the climate, and much more...

Total Control

BIOPOOLSAFE allows you to control your entire pool thanks to its smartphone application, via voice commands, or even with online services. You can also control its temperature, lighting, deck, watering, current, fountains, its robot as well as the filtration pump.

Total monitoring

Thanks to the BIOPOOLSAFE smartphone app, you have constant feedback on the state of your pool, whether you are at home or on the go. The app allows you to monitor temperature, bacteria levels, and equipment conditions.

Guaranteed total safety

The BIOPOOLSAFE swimming pools guarantee total safety in every aspect. First of all, the BIOPOOLSAFE application is secure and your pool can only be controlled by you. In addition, the components are equipped with electrical protection such as different fuses, which ensures total safety for all your components.

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Benefits and services of biofiltration

Transforms any swimming pool in a natural and biological one.

Purification without chlorine or salt, no smell and no red eyes.

O2BACTER : a biological worldwide exclusive for the Biopoolsafe filtration, which ensures a healthy crystal clear water.

Smart self-cleaning system as an option.

Natural anti-algae OXYBIO², made with active biological oxygen.

Swimming pools ranging from 10m³ to 1000m³.

  • Filtration and regeneration of water without chlorine, bromine, and salts.
  • Transforms any swimming pool in a natural and biological one.​
  • Fully autonomous and automated management.
  • Smartphone control.
  • Smartphone notifications.
  • Temperature indication.
  • Filtration pump control.
  • Injection and surveillance O2Bacter and OXYBIO².
  • Control of the robot.
  • Manage the heating of the water.
  • Swimming pool and garden lighting.
  • Intuitive regular programming of accessories.
  • Self-cleaning filter.
  • Control over the automatic flushing valve as an option.
  • Smart behavior spring, winter, summer, fall.
  • Control over many accessories : music, fountain, jets, spa, flap, watering.
  • Monitoring of the UV's lifetime.
  • Smart thermal regularization.
  • Adapts to water volume and temperature.
  • Automatic on-line command.
  • Optional quick response service.
  • Control of equipment's power.
  • Simplified WiFi and Internet access.
  • Guaranteed total safety.
  • User app.
  • Electric protection.

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CES 2019

BIOPOOLSAFE had to opportunity to participate in the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, the largest show dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics. Here are some images of BIOPOOLSAFE at CES 2019.

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