BIOPOOLSAFE create the Smart Pool Intelligent solution ! Let the full control and get relax …


BioPoolSafe manage pools and notify the user. Delegate control and get relax ! The guarantee of soft and clear water with no chemical. BioPoolSafe no stress, no chemical need, no PH control, low electricity and water need, massiv reduction of cost of use, with digital services to help have Fun & Get Relax !

Intelligent Pools


BIOPOOLSAFE is the Intelligent connected swimming pools.

After Smart city and Smart Home, our team build BIOPOOLSAFE the FIRST Intelligent IOT Environmental friendly service in the world, to drive Private and Public swimming pools in the Cloud with our AI delegation services, and to drive your pool by voice ot with your smartphone localy or on distance. BioPoolSafe Cloud Filter, 1st Smart Pool solution, to control and get pools sustainable & environmental friendly, with tactile dashboard smartphone interface + vocal cloud command.



BIOPOOLSAFE give high efficiency to swimming pools by killing the Cost Of Use of 75%, reducing consumption of electricity by 10 and of water by 50, and you end the use of chemical agressiv.


BioPoolTech build O2Pool, reliable & ecological pool with no concrete and immerged wood, combined with BIOFILTER solution.

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BIOPOOLSAFE is the best solution to get Swimming Pool environmentaly friendly !